The ELLIC Story Basket Project

Stories can build bridges. All cultures love stories and the ancestors of the children in your preschool were the first storytellers. Ever!

Our story baskets will contain books that go home to families – and perhaps some stories (oral or written) will flow back to your preschool as well.

But first, the story baskets need to be made.

Here’s what they might look like.


These beautiful baskets were created by Nadine Foley (CultureWeave) for the ELLIC project.


Finding a local maker

During the ELLIC project educators will be encouraged to identify local people who weave baskets or make fabric bags that are big enough to hold a picture story book. This process might mean some research, some interaction with local families with a purpose. The intention is that the baskets (or bags) reflect something of the local traditions and aesthetics. The Story Baskets can contain stories created for the ELLIC project as well as other published picture story books.

Preschools can draw on the grant provided to preschools to fund this process.


Support for the project

The Story Basket project is designed for foster contact and interaction between preschools and their local community.