Families and communities

Walk strong with languages

The ELLIC pilot learning program values the languages spoken in community.

We try to support these languages with your help.

We are including learning the English language as well by introducing the ELLIC pilot learning program at your preschool.

That way, we hope to support your child to walk strong in languages.

ELLIC supports these things. How?

It is designed with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, families and educators.

It will give your children enjoyable experiences and skills in learning Standard Australian English as an extra language.

It will respect and support the language(s) you use at home.

How will it respect our own language or languages?

Your home language(s) will be supported through activities in preschool.

This will happen while the children learn new words in Standard Australian English.

How old is this program?

The ELLIC program is new. As the program grows, the ELLIC team will create resources to build bridges between the languages and cultures at preschool and in your home community.

Interested in taking part?

Talk to your child's educator about how you can be involved in the ELLIC experience.


Sample ELLIC resources

Story baskets

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ELLIC stories

Stories to read at home.


ELLIC songs

Sing a long to the songs from the ELLIC apps.


Character posters

Get to know the app characters with these beautiful posters.


Reading at home

A book list for families.



Games for you to practise language at home.