Frequently asked questions

Q: What’s in the apps and learning program?

A: Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who enter early childhood learning programs may already know more than one language.

ELLIC aims to:

  • build the language strengths that children aged 4 to 5 already have
  • develop their understanding and skills in Standard Australian English (SAE)
  • increase young children’s confidence in English as they start to move into fulltime schooling.

The program is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children whose first language may be a traditional language, a contact language (such as Kriol, Yumplatok), Aboriginal English or Torres Strait English. It aims to support their learning of Standard Australian English. ELLIC also aims to support children to become individuals who walk strong in two cultures throughout their lives.

ELLIC’s main aim is to value and support language learning. When that happens, young children can enjoy the playful side of language and feel strong in their language skills as they meet new concepts, words and language structures.

The program helps educators value the language skills that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children already have and to support their learning of English as an additional language.

It will help educators and families to work together in the area of language learning.

Q: How have the resources been developed?

A: The resources are still being developed.

In 2020 there was a co-design process with two communities. This means that those communities helped to point out concepts and needs and strengths of each community. The resources will be developed and updated throughout the life of the program to take in feedback from participants.

Q: How will ELLIC make sure home-language skills are valued before children learn Standard Australian English?

A: The ELLIC apps will use play experiences to engage children in oral language learning.  The aim is for children to delight in the language/s they already know and in learning new sounds, new words and different types of language structures.

This approach will build on what children already know, and, where possible, use games they enjoy in real life, and environments that are relevant and familiar to them. Educators will be supported to learn more about how languages interact with each other and the communities and environments where they are used. They will also develop skills that will support language learning.

Q: Who will control the apps and the data that is collected by them?

A: Education Services Australia (ESA) will manage the apps. Any data collected will be stored safely and securely in Australia. As this project is in a pilot phase, the apps will only be accessible to invited preschools. These preschools will be provided with a private login (for the educators running the program). The apps will not be available to the general public.

The apps may record the time spent by children playing with the apps. The data that is collected does not identify the children to ESA or other users of the data.

ELLIC Helpdesk

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